Senior Software Engineer (DevOps and Process Optimization/Automation) - Thailand ($1000 - $1800)
Ngày đăng tin: 02/01/2020 - Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2020
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POSITION: Senior Software Engineer (DevOps and Process Optimization/Automation) - Thailand ($1000 - $1800)

- We are looking for a unique kind of software engineers to solve our unique problem. Those that has zero tolerance for inefficiencies in software development. Who can see beyond the norm and assist Agodians in releasing the best software impossibly fast, while impossibly safe.
- The team is directly responsible in leading DevOps culture by example and developing workflow automation.
- Specifically, our work includes a scalable cluster of docker containers. A whole virtualized environment of Asia’s leading booking site in a laptop. An obliteration of conventional processes and establishing automated tools and systems. A robust event queue to track movement of features from developer commits to production. A scalable automated delivery system to support a growing websites, growing customers and growing number of engineers.
-  We are looking for individuals who share our vision and values to bring their best in solving these challenges together   


- Willing to learn
- Zero tolerance for process inefficiency
- Always look for opportunities to optimize and automate daily workflow
- See beyond the current norm of operation, then design and implement solutions in stages
- Great communication skills in building culture for other engineers to do the same
- Proficient in any one programming language (e.g. Golang, Python, JavaScript)
- Hands-on experience with the whole SDLC: Requirement, Design, Code, Test, Deploy
- Deep understanding of the computer science and its application
- Understand VMs, docker containers and their applications
- Understanding of container orchestration and its challenges (e.g. Kubernetes, Helm)
- Hands on experiences with Agile practices: XP, Scrum, TDD
- Business-level English (written and spoken)
- Experienced in large scale distributed system
- CI: TeamCity, Jenkins
- Experience with configuration management: Puppet, Chef, Ansible

- Salary: $1000 - $1800
- Location: Bangkok, Thailand
- Seniority Level: Mid-Senior level
- Industry: Internet, hospitality

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