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*** Project operation:
  a. Schedule compliance
- Create WBS
- Gantt chart using Ticket System
- Setting work task appropriately
- Create testcase → Create + Do Iteration Review multiple times
- Assign detailed tasks to the members of the team, confirm the completion
- Provide work instruction and set priority for work based on important points
- Grasp the status of completed tasks correctly and share to the members
- Coding is completed or not, has the unit test done or not, the result of customer review is satisfactory or not.
- Cooperate with communicators.
- Investigate the customer's plan and create a corresponding schedule, confirm, and follow it.

  b. Minimize the bug
- Minimize "bugs" occurring when delivery products to clients.
- Operate the project with the mind-set: The period for the client’s check isn’t the time to find bugs but the time to ensure that the product is a perfect one.

  c. Avoid the consuming of customer resources.
*** Training members & Motivating up for members
- Train and provide instructions of essential engineering technology for the project to members.
- Provide training to match with company's policies • Provide training for development process.
- Manage motivation of team member.
- Use the company's provided funds assigned to PM to improve the motivation for members.


a)    Education & Experience
- Bachelor degree in Information Technology.
b)    Hard Skills
- Strong knowledge of Java.
- Have knowledge in ELK and upper.
- Really good at English (can work with English Native Speaker).
- Basic knowledge of security.
- Good research skill.
c)    Soft Skills:
- Active attitude.
- Contributing to team and customer.
- Good problem-solving skill.
d)    Technical Experience:
- At least 5 years professional web application development experience with Java.
- At least 2 years team management experience, team size is more than 3 members
e)  Monthly Salary Range: Negotiable (Attractive Salary)
f)   Type: full time
- Having chances to get attractive company bonus every month/year, such as “Employee of the month/year”, “Thanks award”, “Team of the month/year”,…
- Salary and position is reviewed 1 time a year based on employee’s performance;
- Getting 13th month pay every year as company rule;
- Company trip once a year;
- Joining party (Monthly party, year-end party, anniversary ceremony…);
- Free parking fee;
- Joining in Japanese Class and clubs (Soccer, Badminton, Guitar…);
- Annual Health Check;
- Company’s labor policy completely pursuant to Vietnamese labor legislation (social & health insurance, annual leave, working conditions, etc.);
-  Building a stable career with dynamic promotion and job opportunities;
- Having the chance to work with skilled foreign professionals.
- Privileges to attend weekly Open Study sessions with company's IT experts as well as participating in presentations where engineers share knowledge of the latest technologies.
- Consideration for promotion from Developer to Leader position based on one's ability and work performance instead of years of experience count.

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