Sourcing and Product Development Manager
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POSITION: Sourcing and Product Development Manager


# Sourcing & Product Development: For Outsource Finished Product
-Manage Sourcing team to build up supplier network by searching for potential suppliers, evaluating, make training to ensure suppliers meet Trim Solutions Group quality standard.
-Manage Pricing team work closely with suppliers to do costing.
-Keep qualifying supplier’s capability / capacity, maintain partnership with suppliers.
-Monitor development of new global/local items/project which are needed new technology, co- operate with supplier for the solutions.
# Graphic / Purchasing:
-Manage Purchasing team to ensure PO are placed and planned properly and monitor able. Keep procuerment process are in most effective result: cost and quality.
-Manage Graphic team to ensure layout are created within lead time and 100% accuracy
-Manage to build up talent for localized Automation system for layout creating with highest accuracy (zero wrong layout) with lowest lead-time (4hours).
# Planning: Inhouse/Outsource:
-Manage the allocation process in house/outsource to ensure All the orders are meet the target/request lead time.Manage Graphic team to ensure layout are created within lead time and 100% accuracy
-Manage the co-ordination for whole operation process: PD-CS-Factory to ensure All order is running going smooth.
# Warehousing - Shipping:
-Manage Receiving and Storing process to ensure goods are in good storage and sorting condition, well control of aging for stock.
-Manage the Issuing process follow FIFO..
-Manage the Shipping and Delivery Activity to ensure All the delivery in track.
-Manage the delivery cost.
# General Task
-Member of project team: new factory setup, new facility setup, new technology setup, new product line setup…
-Action for Special Assignment from Managing Director.
-Report to General manager

-Bachelor’s degree in Business, Manufacturing or Engineering
-Experience in printing, garment field
-At least 3 years at Manager level.
-Self-motivated with good analytical skills.
-Able to work under pressure, resolve conflict and provide solution in a short lead time.
-Flexibility, initiative, strong leadership and ownership accountabilities.
-People leader with the value of integrity and loyalty
-Competitive wage and benefits
-Equal-opportunity employer
-Potential for growth depending on the candidate’s abilities, interests, and availability

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