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5 Key Steps to Effective Manager Onboarding
Ngày đăng tin: 22/03/2018 17:45


Connect. Create a connection with the new or promoted manager prior to and throughout the first 90 days. This is one of those defining practices that brings relief to new managers because it alleviates the stress of knowing what to expect throughout the onboarding process.

Align. Select a mentor (I use the term buddy) to support the manager's onboarding process. Ensure the buddy is vested in the right leadership behaviors. Train the buddy to provide support to the new manager and to help him acclimate to a new culture. Increase buddy awareness about different styles in the workplace, emotional intelligence, influence and trust.

Manage. Schedule time to meet with the new manager on day one and plan to connect daily for optimal results. Share your vision, values and expectations. Discuss pertinent challenges and design a personalized development plan. Hire an external coach or work with an internal one to support the new manager's integration into the new role.

Plan. Plan weekly milestones with the new manager and buddy. Schedule meetings and shadowing moments with key stakeholders. Incorporate strategic discussions into the process. Assess progress using reliable technological solutions. Incorporate career development discussions early in the process.

Streamline. Track the new manager's weekly milestones and progress of the development plan. Integrate feedback loops and "wow" moments into the process, such as a welcome gift, lunch with peers, a "day with my manager," introduction in management meetings, or a surprise visit from a senior leader. These small wins create long-term value for new managers.


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