IT Supervisor (Ha Noi)
Ngày đăng tin: 02/01/2020 - Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2020
Tin tuyển dụng này đã hết hạn

  • Together with Vietnam IT Manager, Studio Manager and HR/Recruitment, identifying headcount needs and participating in the recruiting process.
  • Taking parts in planning and conducting training program for new and current IT staff.
  • Coaching/Mentoring/Motivating/Retaining staff and designing career development programs for the team.
  • Setting objectives for IT Technicians and assessing their performance twice annually.
  • Identifying and training/coaching potential backup for the IT Supervisor position when taking annually/sick leaves etc.
  • Allocating/dividing tasks between team members, planning resource/backup for daily or upcoming tasks/projects.
  • Promoting customer/service oriented mentality in the team, building a fun, open and honest culture to minimize attrition and to prevent division between team members.
  • Promoting teamwork, cooperation, knowledge sharing and cross training between team members via on-the-job/ online training and the knowledge base system.
  • Building trust working relationship and frequently communicating with the Studio Manager/HR/Recruitment/GNS team and others Department Heads in the studio to promote cooperation and transparency. Timely and frequently (at least weekly) preparing written reports to IT Manager/Studio Manager regarding all IT activities and serious incidents/problems.
  • Performing other organization/personnel tasks assigned by the Vietnam IT Manager /Studio Manager.
  • Overseeing the incident/request management process in the Helpdesk System to ensure service quality, SLA/ETA commitments and user satisfaction.
  • Communicating frequently with the business/users regarding IT activities, issues, processes, policies and enforcing them effectively, conducting user satisfaction server twice annually.
  • Escalating frequent, important or serious issues to ITM and the Management, proposing options/solutions together with inherent risks for decision making.
  • Participating in building policies and processes, regularly revising them to adapt to new business’ needs.
  • Working with HR/Recruitment/Department Head closely to plan and implement newcomer welcoming program, conducting induction for new hires, upgrading/refreshing PCs for current users and training them on IT related issues
  • Preparing cash estimate for the following month timely and accurately
  • Managing IT assets and their usage efficiently, both physically (devices in the IT store) and virtually (software licenses/inventory system). Planning the purchase of assets to ensure the business’ needs are timely met. Working closely with Finance/Purchasing/vendors/suppliers to ensure timely and properly delivery/replacement/maintenance services
  • Performing other process/policy related tasks assigned by the Vietnam IT Manager /SM
  • Promoting research, innovation and new ideas, and running projects and initiatives to improve IT services and business efficiency.
  • Actively participating in building/improving data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity and security programs.
  • Actively working with GNS to propose enhancement in systems to serve users better.
  • Performing other technical related tasks assigned by the Vietnam IT Manager and Studio Manager.
Attitudes and behaviors 
  • Possessing charisma, sensitivity and strong leadership, inter-personal, communication, conflict resolution skills.
  • Acting as an example for direct reports in handling tasks and in dealing with users, other colleagues and the Management.
  • Possessing customer/service oriented mentality.
  • Being proactive, willing to learn and to work overtime when requested.
  • Being social, communicative, calm and flexible when dealing with users and the management.
  • Being innovative, cooperated, responsible, disciplined, timely and accurate in performing tasks.
Qualifications And Experiences
  • Good English language skills written and spoken.
  • Understanding business processes, operations, business strategy and model.
  • Fairy good knowledge in IT systems including infrastructure/operations and enterprise applications.
  • 2+ years of full time working experiences in user support, support team management experiences preferable.
  • At least 3 years in Computer Sciences trainings/vocational schools or equivalent
  • Salary rank: 1500$ - 1800$
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