Lead Backend Developer
Ngày đăng tin: 02/01/2020 - Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2020
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- Manage Backend team to make decision/ solution and make plan for team backlogs.
- Build stable architecture server on Cloud.
- Control backend cost & planning.
- Design Database and server on cloud platform that can hit a huge traffic from global.
- Build features base on product requirement.
- Build product base on Jira backlog.
 Working experience:
- At least 3 years of experiences
- Other highlights : Work a product which has high traffic users.
- Technical skills requirement:
- Master database architecture (MongoDB/ DynamoDB/ PostgreSQL). 
- Master Nodejs or java. 
- Experiences with cloud platform (AWS/Google Cloud). 
- Experiences with load balancing DB/Server architectures. 
- Proven at least a product that make high performance and massive users.  
- Ability of control budgets and business-planning. 
- Familiar with Linux, git/svn 
- Experiences about Big Data & ML is a bonus.  
Soft skills requirement:
- Leadership skill 
- Time management skill 
- Strong logical thinking 
- Personality:
- Product mindset.
- Salary:up to 1800$
- Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Hình thức nộp hồ sơ: Gửi CV online qua hòm mail: tuyendung@cevn.com.vn. Hotline: (+84 24) 62598414
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