Customer Support and Software Tester for ERP Software
Ngày đăng tin: 02/01/2020 - Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2020
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1. Support customer on the phone or via email about using the system
2. Collect, Analyze Requirements given by System Analyst/Project Executive and Customer, collaborate with Developer to develop Detailed Requirements for new feature/project
3. Create test scenarios and detailed test cases basing on Detailed Requirements, review use case and test cases created by other QAs
4. Execute tests and report bugs using Bugzilla, monitor bug updates and verify bug at the end
5. Do miscellaneous tasks such as: Migration, Deployment... assigned by team lead
6. Create automation test scripts and review, rework the developed test scripts
7. Report to Team Lead, System Analyst/Project Manager
1. Have experience in testing (6 months-1 year)
2. Excellent logical thinking ability
3. Ability to work both in a team and independently
4. Ability to work under pressure, learn fast and adapt quickly to working environment
5. Responsible, well organized, detail-oriented and able to do multi-task
6. Ability to analyze business logics, including a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs.
7. Very good customer service mindset with passion for ERP business processes and ERP solutions.
8. English skills: Strong in listening, writing, speaking and writing
1. To hone your skills and widen/deepen your knowledge in a challenging working environment
2. To get trained about various software testing techniques and ERP business processes
3. Beside NET salary, employee may get the bonus according to working performance
4. Support English, IT courses and outdoor activities such as sport cost (badminton, football, swimming, aerobics, etc.)
5. Support team building activities including: team building funds and company trips/tour periodically
6. Good health care & insurance programs for all employees. Heath checking per year, Heath insurance beside social insurance.
7. Free snack, including coffee, tea, fruit, yogurt ...
8. Company gifts for festivals such as Mid-Autumn and on holidays such as Tet, Independence Day, International Women Day, National Women Day...
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