Senior Java/ PHP Developer (Không yêu cầu tiếng Anh)
Ngày đăng tin: 02/01/2020 - Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2020
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POSITION: Senior Java/ PHP Developer (Không yêu cầu tiếng Anh)   

- Development of our highly scalable, high performance, automation, modern micro services based platform (for million users)
- Collaborate with the Product development teams to help build our product portfolios.
- Working with an agile methodology (SCRUM) to develop just-in-time features.

- Bachelor's degree or above in CS, IT, or related fields
- At least 3-year experience in Java/PHP Programming
- Strong experience with Spring/Spring Boot, Jersey/ PHP Laravel framework and NodeJS
- Strong experience with Java core, JEE, and understanding of design patterns/HTML5/CSS3 and JS framework
- Deep understanding of Micro-services/Service Oriented Architecture
- Deep understanding of API and REST services, as well as integration to mobile
- Experience in developing with Message Queue systems, Caching systems
- Background in Distributed system is a plus
- Strong problem solving skills, ability to quickly learn new technologies
- Implement CI/CD, end-to-end test architecture
- Work Location: Hà Nội
- Salary rank: up to 1000$

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